We offer consultation on investment projects and divestment of all types of assets and real estate portfolios, through an exhaustive financial, technical and real estate analysis..


• Identification and analysis of real estate investments, including the development of future business plans of each of the assets, as well as advice throughout the entire investment process.
• Search for investment alternatives according to each business model.
• Financial/real estate analysis.
• Valuation and strategic investment plan.
• Due Diligence.
• Assistance in negotiations and closure.

Divestment and Disinvestment

• Setting up, designing and executing real estate and land sale operations through a methodology proven in the most relevant operations in the market.
• Analysis of assets/portfolios.
• Definition of the strategy.
• Design of the structure of the sales process.
• Vendors Due Diligence.
• Access to potential market.
• Negotiations and closing of the operation.


We provide real estate development in strategic areas, always identifying opportunities in markets with high growth potential.

(Saxum Smart Control)

We provide the execution of the financial, technical, legal and operational management of any type of asset or real estate portfolio, offering our clients technical solutions that allow us to optimize the value of their properties.

Estate Management

• Design, execution and supervision of all tasks necessary for the maintenance and integral management of the estate portfolio.
• Financial management: budgets, billing and collection.
• Legal management: licenses, insurance, liaising with the Administration, contractual advice and renegotiations.
• Technical management: reception and startup, control and maintenance of the facilities, supervision of works and improvements.
• Operational management: functional standards, resolution of incidents and reporting.


Non real estate companies

• Advice on the optimization of real estate assets, defining the best product to develop.
• Feasibility analysis.
• Definition of the optimum product according to urban, market, technical and financial analysis.
• Optimization of real estate portfolios.
• Business Plan for real estate companies.
• Plans for the optimization of corporate headquarters.
Financial Institutions

• Development and execution of management strategies and/or divestment of real estate assets, mortgage and corporate debt, asset optimization and asset/credit swap.
• Customized business plan.
• On-site inspection and review of potential assets.
• Outbound strategy and sales process.
• Potential value and expected profitability.
• Valuation and updating of portfolios.
Investment Funds

• Comprehensive advice for investment funds on their asset acquisition processes, large portfolios and real estate debt, determining their current/potential value, real estate business plan and associated risk level.
• Current and potential valuation of assets.
• Market study (supply and demand).
• Business plan of the assets.
• Capex estimation and urban development.



• Set up of marketing strategies adapted to each project.
• Customized marketing plans.
• Identification and access to potential demand.
• Intensive commercial activity.
• Assistance during the entire negotiation and closing process.
• Reporting adapted to the needs of the client.
Investment/acquisition consulting

• Selection of properties which are best suited to every need, quantifying the economic and operational impact of the decision through a thorough assessment of the pros and cons of the best options available in the market.
• Analysis of present and future needs.
• Examination and selection of the best locations and assets.
• Analysis and selection of the best financial tools available for each alternative.